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for that update. >>> a traffic alert for anyone on the roads. the maryland lap. agencies promise that there is zero tolerance for drunk drivers. y that setting up dui checkpoints and concentrating officers in areas known with to have a high number of driving accidents or arrests. >>> perfect weather to go into that 4th of july weekend. it can't last, no summer is coming back and that looks like it's in time for the 4th of july. what are we talking here, gary? >> reporter: i have good news and bad news. the good news is this forecast hasn't changed the last few days. as you said, we're going to be very, very hot and that is in some sense the bad news. more good news, we're not going to be that humid and that is in the mid-90s and instead of around 100 degrees or 102 or 103 and that is not going to be miserable and that is going to be hot july 4th and all weekend, too. here's our current temperatures, 81 degrees in the city. as you fly back to the west, there is warm stuff and there is -- that is not real, real hot yet. over the next few days, we'll build the heat and again, this 4
, maryland. tom fitzgerald is live with more. the neighborhood got good news? >> reporter: we've been here all day. two minutes before we went on the air, traffic lights came back on, and this neighborhood up on river road finally got power back. we just received an updated e- mail from pepco. let me read it to you. i'll get out of the road while we do this. in montgomery county now, there are 20149 customers out of power, out of 300,000 that were previously out. in prince george county, 2746 homes remain without power, out of 220,000 that were out. and in dc, 1,655 homes are without power tonight. and while pepco made good progress over the last couple hours on the situation, the next 24 hours are going to involve some of their most intricate work. and here is why. a lot of outages that are left are because of situations like that, particular lines that have been entwined with trees. when the trees came down, so did the lines. line crews fanned out, are trying to get to the pockets now piece by piece. four days after this massive tree went down on hatting ton lane, pepco lines men started
to a fairfax case. >>> in maryland, the search for a missing boater is over. they recovered his body and disappeared tuesday night. the natural resources police say the body was found this morning in the area and the body has been sent to the medical examiner's office for a autopsy in baltimore. >> a dramatic new twist. a confession from one suspected spy and a safe deposit box with large amounts much cash. that is coming the same day that 9 of the suspects appeared in the u.s. for bail hearings held in boston, new york and here in virginia. sherri ly is live with more. >> reporter: today was the first time they got a look at the three virginia spy suspects. it lasted a few minutes. the attorneys for michael vitolli and patricia mills asked to delay their bail hearing until tomorrow and saying they got new information. michael zatolli and pratishia mills, a suspended husband-and- wife team from arlington and their accused accomplice will remain in jail. their bail hearing put off another day. the couple's attorneys claimed they had received new information from the government and pro
graduated from and worked at the university of maryland. friends say she he can sold at all of -- excelled at all of that. but that wasn't what she loved most. >> family was the center of her life. she loved those two girls. >> reporter: she and her husband adopted the girls. they gave her son a gift that meant more than any other. >> when he was a newborn, she gave me a cotton blanket that belonged to sophie that was something sophie loved a great deal. she came over, gave me sophie's favorite blanket as a gift. and that meant a tremendous amount to me because it was her child's favorite blanket and she gave that to me. >> she was very generous? >> very generous, very kind, and she was a good person. >> very supportive lady. very intelligent. i'll certainly miss her. >> reporter: her 64-year-old mother was with her and was taken to the hospital. her physical condition is improving. of course, emotional recovery for the family will take a very long time. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them tonight. thank you. >>> severe storms c
. >>> our hottest spot in the heat wave is frederick, maryland. 106 yesterday afternoon. that is hotter than phoenix or las vegas. we did manage to find a few people walking along the streets of this historic city. >> shocking because like air- conditioning then you are suddenly outside. you don't realize it at first but then when you are walking, wow. >> frederick was not the hottest place in the country. that title goes to death valley, california which hit 116 degrees. >>> a tough time for commuters around philly. a train heading for trenton stalled last night leaving more than 1500 passengers on board with no power or air- conditioning for 30 minutes. today more trouble for people trying to get to work. septa reported a dozen trains delayed while new jersey transit canceled several trains because of the heat. >>> usually extreme weather in buffalo, new york, means feet of snow and below zero temperatures. the city is baking in the heat. the temperature hit 90 today for the first time in three years. tomorrow it's expected to be hotter. >>> go to for tips on keeping cool. we w
in maryland back in business. this feeder line is large and as the name suggests, serves a lot of customers. think of it like a trunk of a tree. it's thick, big and as it moves up it branches to a lot of streets. it impacted quite a few people. the numbers are looking better. pepco has 326 customers in d.c. without power and 40 in montgomery and prince george county. jessie graham is a 67-year-old government retirey. retirement hasn't been relaxing the last few days. >> i have been waiting and waiting. >> reporter: since 7:30 monday night when the power went out in his northeast d.c. apartment. around 5:00 this morning the lights popped on. >> what did you think when the power came on? >> reporter: his troubles are not all behind him. yes, the ac is working and slowly cooling the apartment but there is a big bill, not a pep 0 could -- pepco bill but grocery bill. he lost hundreds of dollars of food in his freezer. his retirement check is weeks away. he had to borrow money from a friend to stock up. the troubles are the result of 300 feet of burned out cable starting at 12th and 8th street
, 47% to 46%. tom fitzgerald has been looking at the numbers. maryland is a solid democratic state. how did ehrlich make the race so close. >> he has had help in the form of a sluggish economy and slug i iish economic recovery. only 11% of the marylanders in the poll said the economy is good. 44% said it is bad and that's not good for o'malley. he's trying to make the case he steered the ship through rough waters but when you look at this, many voters think the waters haven't calmed at they m switching back to the old captain, and that of course is ehrlich. >> how is o'malley campaign responding to this today? >> you don't want to make too much of the number. ehrlich is in the lead for the first time but it is still a dead heat in the race. so the campaign was active. the governor appeared outside of theist's house with area union leaders who voice support for the election. and they launched a campaign called tough choices and it highlights the budget problems that he says were left to him by ehrlich, listing what o'malley has done in the last four years to fix that. >> how are both sid
and other personal information. >> beth, thank you. >>> police in frederick, maryland, are showing off these drugs and guns that they seized in a bust. an officer stopped a car for traffic violation and says a person in the car took off with a duffel bag. investigators say they searched the car and found ten pounds of marijuana, 380-grams of cocaine and two handguns. they arrested two georgia men, including one they say ran away from the car. >>> a witness helped to lead police to three bank robbery suspects in anne arundel county. they are charged with robbing the td bank on saturday in glen burnie. investigators say a man handed the teller a hold up note. the witness followed the suspect car and soon after officers arrested the suspects. >>> a two-year investigation is shedding light on the security system. the "washington post" published a report on the bureaucracy and it is raising plenty of concerns tonight. jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: the september 11 september 11th terror attacks sparked the creation of a u.s. intelligence network. so large, unwieldy and secretive
heads to poolesville, maryland this friday. if you're in the area, stop by and say hello and of course tune in for all the hometown action right here on fox a friday morning.  there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can
'heard about all of the watch and warnings, the heat is blamed for two deaths in maryland this week. already, 16 have died from the heat. the latest victims were senior citizens. one was found outside and one inside the house in baltimore. >>> compare this to last year, they were six heat related deaths in maryland. >>> the health officials are warning that everyone should take the heat wave seriously. the tips are simple and they could save lives. try to stay indoors and stay cool and drink fluids and check on the elderly and don't leave children or pets in hot cars and if you're traveling, take water to drink and also, for the car radiator incase you break down. you can find the tips on >>> we're following a developing story. hundreds of teachers are fired following staff evaluations. we're live outside of the head quarters with the new details. what do you know? >> reporter: well, this wasn't a big surprise. a lot of people have been talking about the firings and no one knew human employees would be let go. not long ago, i had a
is taking part in maryland's curatorship program. >> at different times we will pinch ourselves, is this really real real? we get to live here. >> reporter: the catch he pays to restore it and it is all the property of the state. he spent $90,000 in the first three months and has a lot more work planned. >> given a lifetime leasest lease you can justify fixing up a house and spending the time, effort and money fixing up because you can enjoy it the rest of your life. >> he rents farmland from the state. for them it is a dream come true. >> we could have never afforded anything like this. we would have to be multimillionaires and then if we were, we'd be working at some office job and still not able to enjoy it. >> reporter: the state of maryland is thrilled, too. >> there are homes everywhere that states can't afford to maintain and the program solves that problem for us. we get a historic house restored at no cost to taxpayers. >> reporter: since 1982, 43 historic buildings have been restored which is similar to ones currently in several other state and under consideration in m
most of the outages are once again in montgomery county maryland. when today's storm hit pepco had 7,000 people without power from the weekend storms. bg and e reporting 11,000 outages. >>> those dark clouds rolled in over rockville earlier this afternoon. the strong storms dumping heavy rain in the area making for dangerous driving conditions. luckily the storm wasn't nearly as bad as the one we saw on sunday. today's storms also knocked down a tree in georgetown. a small tree snapped landing on top of a fence in the 1900 block of 35th street northwest. no one was hurt as the tree did not block any of the roadway. >>> the storms came on quickly. it came through very quickly, too. but the question on many minds tonight, are we in the clear right now? let's get down to gary mcgrady with the current weather conditions. >> we haven't had a severe thunderstorm warning in quite a while. we go right to radar to see what's out there. nothing for the district. this activity is weakening. we're going to go down to prince william county, to the south of prince william county. the southern sect
good news for two million maryland residents. mandatory watering restrictions have been lived. customers in montgomery and prince george were told to conserve because of a broken water main. the 8-foot wide pipe has been fixed. the tests show the water is safe to use and the company has issued a statement thanking residents for their patience. >>> he is accused of robbing two pnc banks within an hour. police say the crime spree ended with a high-speed chase and the alleged bank robber being shot by police. sherri ly picks up the story. >> reporter: this was a scene out of the dukes of hazard. they chased the suspect into the corn fields. that's where an officer fired and shot the suspect. the car ended up across the street right over here in that yard. about the only thing that ever goes through these corn fields are tractors and deer. then chris bets saw the red toyota corolla racing through the rows of corn. >> i see a red car about 60 miles per hour. what the heck is that. >> reporter: inside the car man police believed just robbed two banks. the first one, a pnc in germant
be felt 60 miles and more away from the epicenter. at least half of maryland felt this earthquake this morning. maybe some of you didn't if you were sleeping hard like shawn. 3.6 magnitude, very strong, strongest we've ever had around here, so they say. we all live along this north american plate here. all across the area -- there we go. so we're all along the interior of what they call the north american plate. of course all earthquakes happen along fault lines. we're just not sure which fault line this occurred across because there's just so many of them. if the phone line doesn't come up to the surface of the earth, we don't even give it a name. so there's no way to say which fault line it occurred on. it was a slip fault earthquake and also lasted one to two seconds. at least the movement of the plates and believe it or not, this is what is amazing to me is those plates probably only moved a few inches and we had a ripple effect of an earthquake lasting somewhere between about 6 and 7 seconds long. of course we had an aftershock too at about 5:16 that was quite a bit lower, on
on the nation's northeast corridor are often shared by commuter railroads. like maryland's marc trains which are self-powered by diesel engines and the faster, longer distance trains like amtrak's acela. the amtrak trains are powered by electricity, using an overhead wire system that transmits the electricity to amtrak's engines. the lowest wires transmit the energy and the high of the are lightning rods and made of copper. the diameter of a adult finger. copper is valuable and can be sold as scrap metal. in february, am amtrak employee noticed a man rolling up the copper wire along the rail systems right-of-way in prince georges county. the amtrak police sergeant said the man sort of looked like he belonged. >> had a hard hat on and safety device. >> reporter: something didn't look right to the inspector so he ran a -- challenged him and he ran away. he noticed the wire was cut and dropped from one tower and cut at ground level at other end. he called amtrak police. ultimately, two 50-year-old men were indicted. george bridgewater jr. of capitol heights, maryland, and ray harvey walker of g
of identity theft after a maryland state employee posted social security numbers online. names, addresses from 3,000 people were posted on the company's web site. the data was there for more than two months. the employee was suspended. the state is sending letters to anyone that may have been exposed offering them a year of free credit checks. >>> millions out of work are breathing a bit easier. the u.s. senate voted to extend unemployment benefits. after a rough political spring and summer, democrats are pointing a finger of blame at republicans for holding up the bill. tom fitzgerald is here with the story. >> reporter: this came down to a 60-40 vote. democrats only prevailing with the help of an interim senator from west virginia. the white house may have found something they have been looking for, an issue to take on republicans in the midterm elections. after months of slipping polls, oil spills and juggling two wars, the president is back playing offense. >> it's time to hold off workers laid off hostage. >> reporter: at issue, unemployment benefits for 2.5 million americans stalled for
oversight or regulation of much of that transit traffic. >> maryland's barbara mikulski put forth legislation in the senate to bring subways for safety purposes; however, another member of the senate put a secret hold on the bill. because it's a secret hold, we're not sure who it is, although oklahoma republican tom coburn's name was mentioned and barbara mikulski thinks it's him and is going to make a personal appeal to him as a physician,ing it's a safety and health issue. coburn is a famous fiscal conservative and is worried about the growth in government and we don't know for sure but she's going to make a person will appeal to release the bill if it gets through the senate. democrats in the house would have no trouble passing that legislation. >> and we know you'll stay on top of that. >>> the maryland agency overseeing workplace safety issued two citations to metro, finding four violations while investigating the death of two metro rail workers. they were run over on the tracks in january when a maintenance truck backed into them. the agency said metro did not follow the rul
part time. go to and click on the job shop tab. >>> maryland's first case of west nile virus confirmed. coming up, where mosquitoes are testifying positive and what you need to know to protect yourself from getting sick. >>> work in the gulf interrupted tonight. bp is forced to pull the plug on efforts to stop the disaster. the problem? a tropical storm moving through the caribbean.  >>> we are following a developing story in china. a typhoon is clobbering the region. the heavy rain and 70 miles per hour winds caused a fishing boat to capsize. the father and son on board were rescued. authorities are urging people to stay inside to avoid flying debris. >>> tropical depression is causing problems for the crews in the gulf. the storm could reach the area by saturday. it's forcing a major evacuation of dozens of ships and workers. >> reporter: the storm system gaining steam in the caribbean putting the brakes on work to permanently stop the oil leaking in the gulf. drilling stopped possibly delaying the effort as much as two weeks. vice president joe biden
surprise for tourists in ocean city, maryland. wait till you see what showed up on the beach. >>> plus, it is the news that thousands have been waiting to hear. bp made a major announcement about the gulf oil spill. we'll have it for you coming up next. >>> a lot of people a little disappointed with lebron james. you have to hear the scathing letter sent from his former team. we'll have it for you when we come back. >>> we'll also tell you about susan boyle. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >>> a sad sight in ocean city, maryland. a 25-foot long whale carcass washed ashore. the tide carried it ashore near 6th street yesterday afternoon. crews tied a lasso to the animal
from the university of maryland university college. that's from 2008. police say he worked for ups and they say that his ownership employment -- employment is a core part of this investigation. >> we heard you say he was indicted for two of the murders. you talked about several others. have police said how many other cases they think he could be involved in. >> reporter: prince george county police chief says his county has been contacted by a number of other jurisdictions, law enforcement agencies that have open murder cases and want to take a look at jason scott. the chief said they will be looking at the cases for years. >> all right. beth parker reporting live for us. thank you. >>> we are following breaking news right now happening in northwest d.c. a valve on a water main is leaking and you are looking live at the intersection of florida avenue, 18th and you streets. this is in adams morgan. last night cruise tried to replace a valve on a water main there. it did not hold. you are seeing the result. water across the road. more crews are on the scene and traffic is being rerou
part of their yards. at a meeting today, maryland transportation officials considered adjusting the track path. now, it would require about 5 homes along talbot avenue to lose the front lawns. home owners, however v not been told about the plan and that did not go over well with the montgomery county council. >> it's hard enough -- . >> the specific homes on a specific map. >> that you will, quote -- >> whenever i hear, that i go oh, my goodness. we needed to work this out with the county first. >> okay. >> and i assume that that county -- it was important to notify the community of what is under discussion before it worked out. is that true? >> they agreed to notify the home owners. >>> and the fire department -- they have awarded the department 3 1/2 million dollars to help with the fire- fighting efforts. that will allow to hire. >>> we have new information on a recall of millions of popular serials. kelloggs said higher of levels in the plastic package lining is to blame for five people getting sick and other people complaining that the serial had -- cereal had an unusual s
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21